The Guru is fully aware of it, the ambition and goal is nothing but crazy. However, the Guru must pay tribute plus credit those sharing as well as believing in our crazy idea.

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To become a Guru, one must do the hard work and contribute with worthy knowledge for visitors.

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The reward system is based on your total approved submissions.
The more you provide the better it gets.

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Many thanks to all developers plus contributors.

The Guru respect the wish of privacy from developers not wanting to be known. Anonymous user is simply a real developer with hidden information.

Alex 75-Alexander

Youngling - Black


Cool Kid

Youngling - Black

United Kingdom

Kyle P

Youngling - Black


Shortcut Guru

Guru - Oange


Shortcut Guru Level 1
50 - Youngling - Black

Everybody starts as a youngling. This is the lowest level.

You will be awarded with free advertisement.

Reward 1

Free advertised on social media (if not anonymous)

Shortcut Guru Level 2
100 - Pro Master - White

Level two Guru has passed the basic step, in addition, you have provided enough to the Guru and visitors.

You are one step away from the first premium reward.

Reward 2

Beside level 1 award.

+ More access to customized profile

+ Guru Analytics

Shortcut Guru Level 3
150 - Master - Gray

You get more from the Guru, besides providing 150 or more submissions you also get a financially be rewarded.

Reward 3

Beside level 2 award.

+ Premium page

+ Payment reward 1

Shortcut Guru Level 4
250 - Pro Guru - Yellow

Level 4 means you are almost there.

More intel access and more information to get you to level 5.

Reward 4

Beside level 3 award

+ Premium page

+ Guru Analytics 2

Shortcut Guru Level 5

Beside all the hard work along with all the contributions, you title is now orange.

A true Guru master!

This mean you have provided no less than 500 submissions.
Beside the second payment reward you also have the opportunity of becoming a Guru administrator.

Reward 5

Beside level 4 award

+ Premium page

+ Payment reward 2.

+ Administration

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First, the Guru appreciates you time and passion for helping us to reach our goal. Secondly, you must start like any other with the basic which is:

Step 1
1. Provide your contact information (name and email).

2. Provide a website/social media pages. This is not required, although, the Guru would gladly like to advertise and help you reach own personal goals.

Get started - Create your first shortcut.

Reminder, to accept your submission

A. the language used in title must be same as in description.

B. Your submission must not already exist on the website.
Make sure to search it before considering submitting.

Step 2
3. Add all required fields for your submission

Title/name – Explanation, what is the title for the submission? Try to explain it with few words.
Short cut category – Explanation, what category is the submission meant for?
Category field – Explanation, which field from chosen category can the submission be used in or for?
Desktop – Explanation, which platform or situation can the title be applied?
Domain – Explanation, which production, situation, or work can the submission be used?
Language – Explanation, simply chose the language your explanation and title are in.
Tags – Explanation, make it easier for visitors by adding no less than one tag.
Shortcut file image link – Explanation, if necessary and if you wish to add an image (to visually enhance/explain the submission). Copy the image file and paste it here.

Do like so
- Right click on the mouse
- Select “Copy image address”
- Paste it in the input field

Add new – Whenever you do not found options best suited for your submission.

Do not forget to read our guidelines before submitting.

4. Press submit when done
The Guru will contact you via email whitin1-2 days.

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Contribute with your knowledge and earn rewards.

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